Travel Accommodation Tips

Travel accommodation comes in various forms such as hotels, motels, guest houses, youth hostels, elder hostels, backpacker hostels, homestays, and so on.

Here are some tips on travel accommodation that you may find helpful.

  1. Choose a lodging that is clean. You wouldn’t want to be harmed or bugged by bedbugs, cockroaches, etc.
  2. Choose a lodging that is safe and secure with locks on the door and windows of your room.
  3. Choose a lodging that is convenient to transportation. This will actually save your overall travel cost.
  4. Choose a lodging that is not too noisy (i.e. not too near to bars, nightclubs, etc.) so that you can rest well. Travelling can be quite strenuous at times.
  5. Choose a lodging that has proper air conditioning or heating as needed, and hot and cold water facilities.
  6. In localities rife with mosquitos, make sure that your chosen lodging offers you sufficient protection against mosquito bites.
  7. If money is not a constraint on your part, you can easily choose your accommodation from plenty of luxury resorts and hotels that offer fantastic views, food, amenities, etc.

    However, if your budget is tight, you may like to do a bit more research (online and offline), ask other travellers, get information from guidebooks and tourist offices, compare prices of more options in order to get the best deal, and do some bargaining if necessary.

    When doing bargaining, it is usually more effective if you have seen the room and noticed some drawbacks and limitations that you could bring up in your conversation with the hotel staff. Bargaining can also work in your favour in the following circumstances: You intend to stay for several nights, the hotel is not super popular, it is off-peak season and many rooms are vacant, the weather during the period of your travel is not conducive to tourism, etc.

  8. Depending on your priorities, you may also like to take the following into consideration: professionalism and friendliness of the hotel staff, capability of the hotel in providing up-to-date information about the local area, etc.

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